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Mon Nov 1 10:52:54 CDT 2010

Now that it's a little cooler (well, if you count a high of 85 as cooler), have been doing a little more hiking.  Here in Central Florida we haven't had any rain for 33 days, and it was a pretty dry summer as summers in Florida go.   Newscast say that a rainless October is a record in central Florida.   I'm seeing even some of the woods plants looking wilted.  Other natives have given up and can only be described as crispy--so that if you walk on these grasses, they crunch.  

Just the same there are a lot of fall wildflowers in bloom--mostly purple paintbrush and blazing star, yellow composites and goldenrod, and a few white flowers.  It's pretty out there, even if it's dry. 

There's a 40% chance of rain on Thursday, and highs this weekdn are supposed to be in the mid-70's.  Sound like fall hiking time in Florida!

Is anyone else experiencing a very dry fall?


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