[at-l] Yosemite in june

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Sun Nov 7 15:23:13 CST 2010

Sly wrote:
    In early June you're likely to be stuck in the valley as Tioga Rd
    through the park and Toulemne Meadows may be still closed. 
    Regardless, the valley is awesome as well as Mariposa Grove which
    has Giant Sequoias.

I suppose it depends on how bad this coming winter turns out to be. 
Last year I was there about the second week in June and Tioga Road 
was open all the way across, and not much snow left.      

Here's a tip.  Someone had told me ahead of time that the very FIRST  
thing I should do was to get onto Glacier Point Road and go to the end, 
to Glacier Point.  And I was so glad I took that advice.  Luckily, I didn't 
check into what that was, or why I should do it, and I was happy that I 
hadn't spoiled the surprise for myself.  

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