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### Dang! *That's* an indictment! I have been exposed to cable tv these past few months, and along with Terriers and Burn Notice and No Ordinary Family, I discovered CNBC and that Cramer loon that everyone loves to hate. Well, Cramer I truly, and quickly, learned to hate -- but I love the guest line-up on their morning programming, and if I ignore most of it, I was wowed by the pace and pizazz. (Although, that said, I *hate* their uber-cool, ultimately useless, graphics.) Thanks for the heads-up on the rest of it, Clyde. I'll start to connect statements with market action and see what bubbles up. It may not be so easy as the contra-indicator Cramer, but not much could be that easy.....

(Oh, but the point was, to celebrate Clyde's calling of the market bottom in Ford at <$2, and having that amount grow to the ~$16.50 it is today. Tha's a eight-time return, that'ere is.)

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One would think this would be good, but.....it's CNBC and most folks that invest don't believe anything they say.  Them doing a piece on Ford is kinda like Backbacker recommending some backpacking equiptment. 

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Ford: Rebuilding An American Icon

		  Hosted by Phil LeBeau

		  Premieres Tonight at 9:00 PM ET/PT


From the brink of collapse to the fast track of success, CNBC takes you inside Ford: Rebuilding An American Icon. Meet the steel-nerved CEO, Alan Mulally, who bet nearly everything the company had in his quest to steer it back from the brink. CNBC's Phil LeBeau takes you behind the scenes to tell the inside story of Ford's astonishing comeback. 
Plus, see how the company plans to stay on top both domestically and overseas, in the brutally competitive automotive industry. Today, Ford appears to be a company with a bright future, but the question remains: can they make it last?

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Most Collectible Fords of All Time
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The Explorer
Ford is back with a redesigned, fuel-efficient Explorer for the 21st century.
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The Ford Family
The Ford family has owned or controlled Ford for more than a century. It's been a rollercoaster, boom-and-bust ride.
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Ford has built a new subcompact car � the Ford Figo specifically for Indian buyers� the fastest growing car market in the world.
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CEO Alan Mulally
Ford CEO Alan Mulally was challenged to get Ford back on track � a mission he accomplished.
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