[at-l] HappyVeteran's Day

Tom McGinnis sloetoe at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 11 11:33:37 CST 2010

And Amen to that Amen!

(I stopped class at 11:11 and asked what was significant..... after the silence came the history lesson...)

--- On Thu, 11/11/10, Tenacious Tanasi <tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com> wrote:
Amen to that, Jim!  Here's to all the Veterans....present, past, and future...our thanks be to you!
My Vet is off to hike Ramsey's Cascades today.. supposed to be up in the low 70's here in the Smokies.  Looks like he's going to have a gorgeous day to hike.  :)
 Tenacious Tanasi
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