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I have not read this book or seen the film.  Think I might, though.

Really, I just wanted to give another plug for my favorite thru-hike account, Then The Hail Came.

If he would ever publish it in paper, I'd buy it immediately.  Probably read this once a year, during thru-hike season.

Ke Kaahawe

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I've read the book, and it was pretty good imho.  Three stars was probably about right, I think I gave it four.  I too am not much for "cause books", but Jeff is a super guy and works hard at what he's trying to do, so I'm happy to support him.  FWIW my all-time fave AT hiking book is Ed Garvey's "Appalachian Hiker".  My wife, who isn't a hiker, loves it.  We've worn out at least one copy reading it over and over.  I've got the JMT book on order (Sierra Hiker), so we'll see how that one reads.  I've been to at least two of his presentations, and they're well received, even though he's not the best public speaker.
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Interesting on the review response...  I read the book some time ago - iirc it didn't stand out as being a great book, but I don't recall disliking it too much, either.  Been awhile since I read it, to be honest.  I did, however also purchase his Sierra Hike book (unread as of yet), and recently the Sunshine DVD (so must not have disliked the original too much :)  Have not looked at the DVD yet, maybe I will get a chance over the weekend and can report back.

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I read the book and wrote a review he didn't like. I thought the book was okay but not one of the better thru-hike accounts. I think I rated it about 3 stars on both my website (now gone) and Amazon. He wanted only 5 star reviews because he was using proceeds from the book to fund the charity that he did the hike for so that it would sell a lot of copies. While that was an admirable thing to do, it did not alter my opinion of the book relative to much better written AT books. He sent me several emails trying to convince me to retract or rewrite my review praising it. He even wanted my phone number so that he could "talk this over". I declined to give him my phone number. It was also noted by some on the list that early 2, 3 and 4 star reviews on Amazon disappeared and/or were replaced by 5 star reviews. From that I assume he also pressed others for favorable reviews. I see on Amazon it is now in a 3rd edition and my 1st edition Amazon review has disappeared.

This is by no way meant to denigrate the film. As anyone who has read a book before seeing the film made from it, they are two different animals. In the hands of a capable film maker it might well be an excellent movie but that would be mostly due to the film maker IMO and I would not judge the film based on the book or its pushy author whose tactics I did not appreciate.

Jim Bullard

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Anyone seen an advance on this movie -- or read his book?



If you'd like to see a firsthand account of what it's like to hike the entire
2,000-mile Appalachian Trail, author Jeff Alt has assembled a movie about
exactly that.

His documentary "A Walk for Sunshine" premieres at 3 p.m. Saturday at the
Lyric Theatre in Blacksburg.


I tend to not like books about walks for causes, other than for the
experience, itself -- e..g., 'cause I want to.

However, thought I'd ask.


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