[at-l] Then the Hail Came [was: A Walk for Sunshine]

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Fri Nov 12 20:49:12 CST 2010

Sorry Jim but I, too, have a printed copy.  :-)

Contact  George at:  exile at skwc.com 
Or his business phone:  203-248-8248 

~~ eArThworm

>.... I may have the only print copy in existence. It is so long I couldn't 
> take reading it all on the screen so I captured it, formated it in 
> word and printed out my own copy. ...Maybe now
> that ebooks are overtaking print... he will put it out in Kindle format. 
> Anyone know know to reach George to suggest it?...
> Jim Bullard
> > ...Really, I just wanted to give another plug for my favorite thru-hike
> > account, Then The Hail Came.
> > http://www.skwc.com/exile/Hail/Hail-pro.html
> > If he would ever publish it in paper, I’d buy it immediately.  ...
> > Ke Kaahawe

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