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I also think Then the Hail Came is the best AT book I have read, if for no other reason than for the soul bearing honesty with which it is written. And it isn't all a beautiful happy story.

I read it a couple of months before I did my thru in 1999. I managed to get George's email address and wrote him. He replied, wishing me luck and said that if I needed any help in CT, NY or NJ to call him. He gave me his home and work numbers, which I no longer have.

I didn't have any reason to call him but I sure appreciated the offer.

South Walker MEGA99

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  I agree. IMO Unquestionably the best thru-hike journal ever written. I've read well over 100 thru-hike journals, both printed and on-line journals. I may have the only print copy in existence. It is so long I couldn't take reading it all on the screen so I captured it, formated it in word and printed out my own copy. It was great to have George do a workshop at the Gathering in Hanover a few years back and an honor to meet him. Maybe now that ebooks are overtaking print (Amazon sold more ebooks than print last year) he will put it out in Kindle format. Anyone know know to reach George to suggest it?  Also high on my list is Blind Courage by Bill Erwin.

  Jim Bullard

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    I have not read this book or seen the film.  Think I might, though.

    Really, I just wanted to give another plug for my favorite thru-hike account, Then The Hail Came.


    If he would ever publish it in paper, I’d buy it immediately.  Probably read this once a year, during thru-hike season.

    Ke Kaahawe


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