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Yeah - more than one subject - 
First - i'm glad to see "Then the Hail Came" being discussed.  It was one of the first things that 
went into our Links page on Spiriteaglehome.com.  It was, bar none, the best journal I'd read at 
the time.  In fact, there's only one other that rates as highly even after all these years.  And I 
don't think Mountain Roamer's journal was ever publicly available.  Yeah - I also put  "Hail" into 
Word - and printed it. 
Second subject - Felix asked "Is this the same place? How many bunks are there? 
And, how does the space compare to Ironmaster's?" 
In order - yes, 30 and somewhat less.  
Translation - yes, it's the same place; there are 30 bunks; and it's "probably" not quite as big as 
Ironmaster's but I'll have a better handle on it sometime this week.  Ginny and I will be headed 
to WV to play "which dog do we belong to" this week and we'll be stopping at Bears Den to see 
how much space there is and how to use it.  And meet the hostel keepers. and see how the kitchen 
will work.  And ... whatever else I can think of.  Suggestions/questions from the gallery are welcome.  
Walk softly,



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