[at-l] Then the Hail Came [was: A Walk for Sunshine]

Nina Rogers Nina.Rogers at DrakeSoftware.com
Mon Nov 15 09:06:06 CST 2010

If George is still interested in having the book edited for publication,
I could edit it ... starting after April 18.


My (admittedly thin) resume consists of writing "50 Hikes in Louisiana"
for Countryman Press and editing Jan Leitschuh's "The Ordinary


Oh, and working too many hours at my day job (tech writing), which is
what's kept me from doing more of this kind of work recently.


I do give hiker discounts for my writing/editing/proofreading work.


So, if anyone wants to let George know I'll be available for book work
then ...


Nina "Waterfall" "The Editress" Rogers


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I love that journal. Back when I was with ATC, I asked George if we
could edit it and try to turn it into a book. He gave his permission,
but the "must-dos" on the publishing calendar piled up and the
"wanna-dos" languished, and I never got a draft finished to show him for
his approval. I'm guessing if you could find someone who'd edit it into
book form, he'd still be willing to have someone publish it.
--Rhymin' Worm

On 11/12/10 10:13 PM, Jim Bullard wrote: 

The suggestion has been sent to George. I sorta promised a lot of 5 star
reviews on Amazon from AT-L members but I don't think I was going too
far out on a limb with that.

Jim Bullard

On Fri, Nov 12, 2010 at 9:49 PM, Linda Patton <lpatton at fsu.edu> wrote:

Sorry Jim but I, too, have a printed copy.  :-)

Contact  George at:  exile at skwc.com
Or his business phone:  203-248-8248

~~ eArThworm

>.... I may have the only print copy in existence. It is so long I
> take reading it all on the screen so I captured it, formated it in
> word and printed out my own copy. ...Maybe now
> that ebooks are overtaking print... he will put it out in Kindle
> Anyone know know to reach George to suggest it?...
> Jim Bullard
> > ...Really, I just wanted to give another plug for my favorite
> > account, Then The Hail Came.
> > http://www.skwc.com/exile/Hail/Hail-pro.html
> > If he would ever publish it in paper, I'd buy it immediately.  ...
> > Ke Kaahawe

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