[at-l] Then the Hail Came [was: A Walk for Sunshine]

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Mon Nov 15 17:17:43 CST 2010


I think Nina means edited "for publication" which is probably 
different from what you did, maybe? 

And Nina is WAY too modest.  I saw the before and after versions 
of Leitschuh's book, and what Nina did was miraculous.  She made 
it exquisitely readable without changing Jan's 'voice' and that, to me, 
is the sign of perfect editing.  George could not possibly get a better 

~~ eArThworm

> It has already been edited when I put it into MS Word format in 
> order to print out my own copy. ...
> Jim Bullard

> >  If George is still interested in having the book edited for 
> > publication, I could edit it ... My (admittedly thin) resume consists 
> > of writing “50 Hikes in Louisiana” ...and editing Jan Leitschuh’s 
> > “The Ordinary Adventurer.” ...
> > *Nina “Waterfall” “The Editress” Rogers*

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