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I said we were going to Bears Den to see the facilities today. So we did – after we went to the dog rescue shelter and changed our lives.  
First Bears Den – Marie and Scott gave us the Grand Tour when we got there.  And the place was better than I remembered it.  Of course, the last time we were there was in Dec ’94.  
Anyway, the parking may be a little tight.  Not quite as tight as the Ironmasters parking lot, but once you get in there, don’t plan on getting out for a while.    
The hostel - when you walk in the front door, the main room is bigger than any of the rooms at Ironmasters.  And the kitchen is smaller, but has two “working” stoves (with ovens), a refrigerator (yeah, just one, so bringing coolers that can be left outside would be a good idea), a triple sink for the dishwashers and not a lot of counter space.  Traffic flow isn’t great, but it’s workable.  
There’s also a dining area with 4(?) tables.  The other usable (for us) room on the main level is a bunkroom (8 bunks) with a full bath.  
Downstairs is another bunkroom with 12 bunks and another full bath; a “private” room with a double bed and 4 bunks (and a full bath); and the hiker hostel with 10 bunks and another full bath.  I missed something – somewhere in there was another half-bath.  
Outside, there’s a large fire ring.  
The hostel itself is, in many ways, as good a setup as Ironmasters.  And in some ways, it’s better.  
Then there’s the campground, which consists of enough room for a gaggle of tents, a few tables, a fire ring and a small shelter.  It’s about a 50 yard walk-in from the road.  
Finally, there’s the Bears Den cottage.  Fireplace, refrigerator, microwave, electric lights, sleeps 7 (5 bunks and a double bed) although a few more could be squeezed in.  It’s about a 1/4mile walk (downhill from the hostel), no road access, $65 per night.  
That’s the report – anyone who’s coming needs to call the hostel to make their own reservations.  Apparently so far, only Jim, Ginny and Marsha will be there.  Well, we always did say that smaller was better for this thing.  J 
The other part of today was the dog – we saw, he said yes, we brought him home.  3 year old, 70# male Golden Retriever – beautiful but totally untrained.   His name “was” Duke Beans – but we’ll be changing that to Ben. 
We just changed our lives.  Another adventure in a different dirction.  
Walk softly,


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