[at-l] The Mother Ruck.....and Ben

Leslie Booher lbooher at charter.net
Tue Nov 16 22:15:46 CST 2010

Not meaning to pick on you Jim, but you're convenient.  So... just to settle the dust here - if 
the number of bunks is "X", then "X" is the number of people who can sleep in those bunks.  
No matter how high they're stacked.   In high school algebra they used to call that a word 

Jim, I call a 'bunk' two beds, one stacked on top of the other.  So, in my vision, a 'bunk' holds two people, preferably not on the same level.  When my children complained about word problems, I used to tell them that "Life is a word problem".  <G>  a'bear

Humankind (be both)
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