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As long as I've got a bunk or reasonable facsimile thereof, I'm a happy camper!
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  Methinks some folks here need a hike. WAY too much time on their hands. :-)
  It's all bunch of bunk anyway.

  Jim Bullard

  On Wed, Nov 17, 2010 at 11:51 AM, Jim and_or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99 at hotmail.com> wrote:

    Jim Lynch wrote:
    I would agree that the most common casual usage for "bunk" is the single-sleeping-platform meaning.  But there are dictionary definitions that say the word bunk is "short for bunk bed".  And the term "bunk bed" is further defined as follows:
    1. a piece of furniture consisting of two single platform like beds connected one above the other. 
    2. either of these two beds. 

    So I would submit that, to be precise, you can't just use the word "bunk" without some context or amplification. :) 
    My dictionary says: 
    "A case or frame attached to a wall to serve as a bed, as in a ship; a berth"
    Implying - one bunk = one bed. 
    As I said -YMMV. Or alternatively, it depends on your dictionary and your level of anal retentiveness.  
    But the final answer is this - if you're gonna come to the Ruck, do they have a "bunk" for you? 
    Or did you wait too long to call?  
    Of course, if you're going to camp at the Ruck or if you're not coming to the Ruck the entire 
    discussion is moot.  
    Have a good day anyway,

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