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The picture of Ben in the creek was taken at Caledonia State Park.  There are a few good short loops there, including one using a portion of the AT.  We took him on a two mile walk through the woods.  He loved it.  I think he'll be a good trail dog.  Although it was obvious that hiking was new to him, he picked it up quickly and still had lots of energy at the end of the walk. He is definitely interested in deer, but doesn't bark at them.  The first day we got him he had a problem with steps, but after three days at our house, he goes bounding up and down effortlessly.  He needs to figure out heights though.  He jumped up on a post at the end of a bridge and leaped off about 4 feet instead of going down the easy way.  Could be a problem on some bridges or rocky cliffs.  

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 Can't wait to hear how the first hike went.  He's beautiful!

Tenacious Tanasi

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