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Hope you enjoy Ben as much as I did Honor, the rescue Gordon Setter our vet once pressed upon a former husband and me.  When we first got Honor, the only way he'd approach a human was to crawl up to them from about 6 feet away.  He used every submissive behavior in the book.  He got over that, but was always gentle, obedient, and devoted, with a velvet mouth for anything he picked up.  

But that dog LOVED to hike.  The first time I took him out on the FT and let him off leash, I thought I'd lost him.  He just disappeared.  In a few minutes, I saw him standing on the trail about 50 yards in front of me, looking back at me.  Then he disappeared again as I walked forward,  Then reappeared about 50 yards in front.  I finally figured out he was making big, looping circles in front of me.  He would "set" on birds and wait for me to shoot them, I guess.  When I walked on, he went back to his big loops in front of me.  It was a wonderful thing to watch him work.  Nothing got him more excited than to get out the leash and ask him if he wanted to hike.

On that first hike, I wondered what he'd do when I turned around to head back to the car.  When I turned, I whistled a couple of times and he disappeared.  Shortly he was out in front of me again, doing his hunting thing.  

Only time he really concerned me was the time he "set" on a coral snake in some palmettos.  He didn't nose the snake, just waited for me to come discover his find.

Loved that kind, gentle, loving dog.  Here's to your happy adventures with Ben.

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