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Thu Nov 18 19:55:27 CST 2010

Joan wrote: Loved that kind, gentle, loving dog.  Here's to your happy adventures with Ben.
Joan -
That describes what Ben "will be".  
Right now he's a 70# male puppy in a "grownup" body with no training  and no manners.  He's a rescue dog, 
but we can find no evidence that he was abused - just neglected.  Mostly we're enjoying him now - except 
for little things like the fleece that I'm wearing right now- which he chewed a hole in this morning.  
But he's a typical Golden and the training is going well - except for his propensity for climbing - on the couch, 
the beds, etc.  Ever see a full grown Golden climb on a chair and sit on it?     
The "hike" yesterday was good - 2+ miles in Caledonia State Park.  And he apparently loved it.  
Pictures are on Ginny's Facebook acct.  
Walk softly,


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