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Fri Nov 19 08:15:02 CST 2010

Sounds like Ben is a lucky dog to have two such engaged and active
Goldens are high spirited, high-energy dogs that are happy and mischief-free
only when fully exercised. But then, everybody needs a job of one sort or
another to feel useful.
How's your throwing arm these days? ;-)

We are on our second golden, the first having come with my husband and
passing to the Big Frisbee Game in the Sky.
The young one, Rusty, is making sure I don't lose my trail legs.

BTW, while I don't know Ben's leash behavior, Rusty is a strong young
splendidly-muscled specimen, and was on his way to developing a pulling
habit despite vigilant training, when a trainer worked with us a few
sessions with a tool called "The Gentle Leader." There are some YouTube
videos on it, should the occasion arise. I think we got ours at Pet Smart.
Ends pulling from minute one, gently.

>But he's a typical Golden and the training is going well - except for his
propensity for climbing - on the couch,
>the beds, etc.  Ever see a full grown Golden climb on a chair and sit on

>The "hike" yesterday was good - 2+ miles in Caledonia State Park.  And he
apparently loved it.

"The Ordinary Adventurer"
A new backpacking adventure book
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