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I like talking to an individual or even a small group but I don't care to be part of a big group and I was never one to "work" a crowd, as they say. I recall the worst part of my job was having to address large groups. All the courses and practices helped but none of that ever made me enjoy talking. By marked contrast, I love to talk to and about hikers. One time my wife had all the folks from her office over to our house for Christmas. This was fine and I liked being a helper to Mrs. Hopeful and making folks feel at home. One of her unsuspecting friends foolishly asked me something about the AT. Do y'all remember the story about the little Dutch boy who stuck his finger in the dike to save the Lowlands? Well, it was just like that poor lady had snatched that little boy's finger out of the dike and the whole Atlantic Ocean pured in on her. 

I recall when I got home from my thruhike, I commented to Mrs Hopeful that the Trail was the only community where I ever felt connected and at home. Way back in school I was one of the kids on the outside looking in, but I wasn't unhappy with that. What little I saw "in" held no interest for me. How different the Trail is, even when the Trail comes to town for TD or the Gathering. What is that song? "People Are The Trail." A man I worked with asked me why I took my vacation to hike. I tried to explain about all the reasons, the spiritual connection, the tribe that Waterfall told of, the community. He sorta looked at me and replied, "No, really, why do you hike?" I told him I was cleaning leaves and fell off the ladder and hit my heart on the hard cement. He accepted that. 

Waterfall, see what you've done? I know I've bored all y'all to sleep with this go- no- place email, but I blame Waterfall on account that she started it.   Hopeful .... who will go back to being quiet. 
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