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Just catching up to the original seed of this thread, reading backwards.
Thought it was worth a reread too.
I've getting all sentimental here. I'd love a camping weekend somewhere.
Let the verbiage flow.

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 So, I went to Main Street Coffee in Franklin this morning with a couple of
co-workers and there were two southbounders there. I asked them the usual
conversation-starter questions: "So, did y'all hike here from Maine?" "When
did you start?" etc.

 Once that was out of the way, my mouth opened and the words flowed. I
talked a mile a minute about my long-ago southbound hike, about the AT,
about mutual people we might know, about hostels and trail towns and such.
They were very friendly and managed to get a few words in edgewise, but not

 I'm normally pretty quiet and shy. Not one to strike up conversations with
perfect strangers-or anyone, for that matter. But when I'm around hikers,
even ones I've never met, all the shyness goes away. And it's like I can't
shut up.

 My co-workers were amused. I tried to explain it, and the words that came
out were, "These people are my tribe. They're kin." My co-workers continue
to be amused. (Of course, the hikers - Hitman and a guy with an Australian
accent whose name I didn't catch because I was too busy talking - were
probably just wanting some peace and quiet and wishing I would leave them

 I told my husband the other night that I've never, ever felt "at home" with
any group of people ... except hikers.

 I love y'all, man.

 Nina Rogers (Waterfall)

 ME-GA 2000

"The Ordinary Adventurer"
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