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Mercy yes. Why she has never stopped using all that southern charm of hers to make me do stuff. Only, I ain't sure it is as simple as southern charm. For sure she has the charm but I think it is some genetic defect passed along mothers to daughters, such that all the women in the whole world now have the turn of nature to make us men do stuff. When I first noticed this in our daughter, I figured it was just learned by observation. When I noticed it in all our granddaughters I got suspicious. Well, what do y'all think? Our one granddaughters had a birthday and she had a whole gaggle of her little friends over and I went by to help get some stuff set up for the party. Some of those other little girls were from up north and Pakistan too. (I think Pakistan is in New York) Well, all them little girls was putting the charm on me and before I knew it, I had the whole bunch at the Wally Mart, following them around just like Mrs Hopeful makes me do, and she ain't from New York nor Pakistan neither! I'm just put upon by all these charmers. I'm the most put upon man in nine counties; now that's a fact.  Hopeful 

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And does she say "Bless your heart", carry this box.... 


For all the yankees on the list, that means shut up and carry this 

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>Hopeful, your meeting with Earl Shaffer surely happened at Hot Springs at the very first Trail Fest and the first time I met you and >Plodder in person. That's when I got my book signed by Earl Shaffer too. I remember that line, and Earl leading the hiker parade. 

That's right! It was the first time we met and I recall it was Mrs. Hopeful's first time to meet the hiker community. Boy, do I remember. I was loading my truck with stuff Mrs Hopeful wanted to bring. Each time I put a box or bag in the truck I'd go back in the house only to find another! Says I to her, "What's all this?" Says she to me, "It's the stuff we need, here's another box." 

Well, I never stop being amazed at the exceptional ability of my dear wife. Not only is she so wonderfully supportive of my hiking habit, but she adds whole new dimensions. Says me to her, "Sweetheart, (I always call her that when I'm fix'n to say something that might get me in trouble) Sweetheart," says I, "you are so inventive. You done added a whole new twist to 'leave no trace' camping. By the time I finally get the truck loaded, nobody will ever be able to tell we used to live in Harrison, Tennessee!"
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