[at-l] Parapackers To Help in Speed Record Attempt

Linda Patton lpatton at fsu.edu
Mon Nov 22 21:48:35 CST 2010

Wow--David has his mojo back and 
we have an early Christmas present!     
Welcome home, Parapackers!!!!!! 

~~ eArThworm

> ( *AP) * Franklin, NC
>       At an impromptu news conference held today on the steps of 
> *MainStreet Coffee* (MSC) Milo Garcia confirmed that yes, the 
> parapackers would once again be providing assistance on another 
> AT speed record attempt. ... I contacted *Jennifer Pharr-Davis* the
> current women's AT speed record holder and told her that the 
> parapackerswould all help crew for her on her assault on the men's 
> reocrd !  ...

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