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On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 1:12 AM, giniajim <jplynch at crosslink.net> wrote:

>  I print various hiking material.  My printer (ink jet) uses a lot of
> expensive ink cartridges.  Has anyone found an economical printer out there
> on the market?

That depends on whether you need to print in color. Inkjet printers are
simply a way for the manufacturer to sell ink cartridges -- and the
inexpensive printers have the smallest carts (and thus the most expensive
per milliliter of ink.)

For general office printing I use a Brother laser printer, model HL-2040,
which cost about $120 at the local office supply. The included toner
cartridge will print around 1500 pages, and replacement toner carts are $60
or so and will print 2500 pages. That's pretty cheap compared to inkjet
prices, but of course they are all black, no color.

The high-end photo inkjet printers use much larger ink carts, so the price
per ml of ink goes down substantially. (I'm talking about 17-inch photo
printers and up, like the Epson 3880 -- they run over $1000. Probably

Anyway, I really like my laser printer.
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