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Jim Bullard jim.bullard at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 08:24:03 CST 2010

How much stuff are you guys printing out? I go through a couple rounds of
ink per year and I'm printing mostly my photos which eat ink many times
faster than text. The old WWII billboard "Is this trip really necessary?" is
echoing in my mind but coming out 'Is this print really necessary?'. I save
a lot of text stuff as digital files but only print what I'm actually going
to use right now. Digital storage both takes up less space (far less) and is
cheaper. If you are using Google Desktop it is also easier to search through
later and find what you want than pawing through piles of paper. I have more
than enough piles of paper that come to me in the mail.

People tell me that digital photography is cheaper than film but that's true
only if you don't print most of the photos you take. Printing is the big
expense just as it was with film. The same holds true for text. Once you
have paid for the computer capturing stuff off the web is "free" (if you
ignore the money you pay for your ISP connection) but when you start
printing it all out you have cost for paper, ink and file cabinets to store
it all.

RE: Comparative cost. You need to factor in the difference in initial cost
between inkjet and laser and the higher cost of replacing cartridges as well
as the higher energy usage of a laser printer (they use high heat to bond
the powdered toner to the paper). The energy difference may seem negligible
in terms of your monthy electric bill but inkjet printers are more energy
efficient. When I worked they had it calculated that a laser printed text
page cost 5¢. I just calculated that a text page on my Epson R280 runs just
about the same.

Black Wolfe, I haven't noticed any problem with wet ink smearing on ordinary
paper with my Epson printers. In fact I don't even get smearing on coated
photo papers although the recommend leaving the prints uncovered or
separating them with plain paper paper until they are fully dry.

Jim Bullard

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 8:27 AM, Black Wolfe <blackwolfe at charter.net> wrote:

> Laser printers are a little cheaper per page.  Many have cracks to use more
> of the toner in each cartridge.  Another advantage of laser print is that
>  the ink does not smear when wet like ink jet printer ink.
> Black Wolfe
> Bruce W.
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> > I print various hiking material.  My printer (ink jet) uses a lot of
> > expensive ink cartridges.  Has anyone found an economical printer out
> > there on the market?
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