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Hehhhhh, "whoops."


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Tom, did you intend there to be an attachment or 
something?  Not sure AT-L lets them through..

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  Tom McGinnisI have used these guys in the past for my Epson R200 
        6-color photo/cd/paper printer and back-scratcher, and have recommended 
        them before. Good prices, but hunt around at least 30 minutes, because 
        they present a different face to the various sites bumping to them, and 
        unfortunately, with different prices, too. So spend 30 minutes, get a 
        solid clue as to what the best pricing is for what you want, and buy 
        with (some) confidence. 

FWIW, I spent $100 for a 36 piece set in 
        2007, and am maybe 40% through it.

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