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Wed Nov 24 19:41:40 CST 2010

Say what?

On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 3:29 PM, Tom McGinnis <sloetoe at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Having the "latest & greatest" at work meant that I really didn't need
> anything at home for a long time. The 8086/8087, with the 3.5" and 5.25"
> floppys (and no hard drive) is in the next room. Never was Net-enabled...
> So I spent a year doing research, "chose wisely", and in early 2005, did
> the whole cable-modem computer thing. It is *still* the fastest communicator
> around that I've seen, is very stable, and only slows up when working on
> multiple screens at HULU.COM. (This is important, because of my trading:
> stability and speed are *paramount*. And no, I'm not watching HULU when I'm
> trading.....)
> The long story short is that I would advise you bust for the
> least-performing of the best architecture, get not the biggest hard drive,
> but the fastest, get the best connection you can *discern* the performance
> of, and lastly (and perhaps most importantly), KEEP THE CRAP OFF YOUR
> 'PUTER. (Now, some people spell c_r_a_p as "MicroSoft"....) I recommend,
> Mozilla Firefox and OpenOffice Suite as smaller, feature-rich, and freakin'
> And yes, this is much like a backpack deally. Minimize fru-fru and garbage;
> leave the disfunctional at home; hike light and f-f-far. *Then* you can
> really enjoy the scenery.
> opensourcetoe
> (Oh, and I've never worked on a laptop that I wanted to own. Ever.)
> --- On *We*
> Is there any advantage anymore to a fixed system, or is laptop the way to
> go?

"The Ordinary Adventurer"
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