[at-l] New laptop (for reading AT-L, of course...)

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 12:57:40 CST 2010

Even though the laptop that was given to me wasn't much newer than my 
desktop I decided I would take it anyways since I knew the power consumption 
was much less.  Turns out it was more than I thought.  With the desktop 
running 24/7 my electric bill each month was running 90-95 Kw.  My computer 
use 90-95% of the electricity I consume a month.  With the laptop...under 40 
Kw a month.  I even had a month this summer that was down to 23 Kw. 
Generally it runs mid 30's by the time you figure 24/7 with a microwave for 
breakfast and supper and lights in the evening.  Naturally less lights in 
the evening during the summer equals less Kw as well per month.  Other than 
an occasional vaccuum(sp?) cleaner or cell phone charger or small things 
like that which I don't use very much, the lights and microwave are the only 
other things in my house that consume any electricity.  No, no hot water 
heater, or refrigerator, or ...

I keep it simple...if I could do without it for 6.5 months on a thru-hike 
than why do I need it back in the other world.


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