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Wow, $4k per year.  My health insurance costs way more than that. 
And it has been worth every cent in paying my medical bills this 
year.   I don't drink, smoke or do drugs but I still can get sick.

>Some people are smart enough to realize their are three ways to lose in life.
>1. Start smoking...I've heard of someone as young as 6 that started 
>smoking, yes she got forced into by her underage sibling that made 
>her smoke to keep her quiet.  She can hardly put out one cigarette 
>before she has to light the next one up.  Boy, what a waste of money.
>2. Start doing drugs.  Again, what a waste of money.
>3. Start drinking.  Again...oh you already heard it...what a waste of money.
>How can you truly have fun when you don't even realize what it is 
>your doing...oh yeah, you're blowing that hard earned paycheck on 
>something that gives nothing back in return other than trips to the 
>morgue, trips to jails, higher car insurance rates...if you can even 
>get it once you've been convicted of DUI/DWI.  Nothing good has ever 
>come from drinking...hold it I'm wrong...something good does come 
>out drinking.  You make new friends.  You have to.  When you lose 
>your drivers license for 6 months or more and you can't drive who's 
>going to take you to work so you can make all that money so you can 
>buy the boose.  You'll make a lot of new friends when you are 
>looking for someone to give you a lift to work.
>My simple motto has been:
>If you don't start...you never have to stop...or, if you don't want 
>have to break a bad(costly) habit, than don't start one to begin 
>P.S. How many of you could live on $4,000 a year, in regular 
>society...not out on the trail but in regular society.  I have this 
>year.  How?  I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs.  That 
>saves me a bundle.  No midnight runs to the convience store for this 
>dude to buy more beer.
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Life is Good!!!
Art Cloutman
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