[at-l] New laptop (for reading AT-L, of course...)

Ryan Crawford nayrdrofwarc at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 19:14:10 CST 2010

First rule, give up the car.  Don't cut your smallest expenses...cut your 
biggest expenses first.  The car use to run me 41% of my DIRECT expenses. 
This year I had $236 in gas in the first four months until the registration 
ran out and I stopped driving.  Last year I spent $8100 and change and 
almost $2700 went to the car, mostly in gas, insurance, and then repairs and 
registration.  Gas and insurance was over $1750 of it alone.  I didn't even 
drive 12,000 miles last year and still had over $1100 in gas.

Who spends $4/meal.  I spend $3+ per day on food.  I eat at home and save 
big time.  I own my own house, almost nothing more than an AT shelter.  Sure 
four sides with roof and floor but only 468 sq ft.  I only pay $8-900 a year 
in property taxes and $194/yr insurance.  Now when you start doing the math 
it isn't so hard is it.

Grab yourself a pair of hair clippers at Wal-Mart for $15 or so and put on 
the 1/2 inch attachment and trim your own hair and you save a bundle their 
as well.  I don't spend any money on haircuts.  I haven't in years.  I do it 

I guess you must have a lot of clothes laying around your house that you 
haven't worn in years.  I do.  The most I've spend on clothing in one year 
since 2000 has been $140.  This year a measly $16.  I have clothes laying 
around from the 1990's that I haven't worn yet.  I wear the current clothes 
until they get worn out and then go for some of the old stuff in closet and 
starting wear it.  I shouldn't have to spend much on clothes, other than 
shoes for years to come.

I use well water so the water bill isn't an issue and I gave up the landline 
earlier this year since my tracfone only costs me $80 per year and I was 
only using the landline for ISP.  Now I use the free wifi from the 
restaurant next door.  Yes, in 10 years of living here I've only eaten at 
the restaurant once, between the three different owners it's had since I've 
lived here.

How do you thru-hike...by being smart.  It's the same way when you get back 
off the trail.  If you live smart off the trail you can do it for next to 
nothing.  I spent most of this summer out hang gliding.  I didn't do the 
standard way though, instead I do the work to fly program.  I don't pay to 
hang gliding like everyone else does.  Then again everyone else thinks you 
have to spend money and spend more money...so they have to work all their 
life away as a result of it.

Look at someone like...Baltimore Jack.  Works the winter months for a guy 
who he lives in one of his apartment buildings...for free, and then with the 
money he saves by not paying rent all winter he goes back out and spend the 
summer hiking/helping out on the trail.

It's very doable if you learn to think differently about it.  Too many 
people have this disease...



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