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Mon Nov 29 07:49:01 CST 2010

Ok...here's the truth. 

Last Night I had a very bad dream that I got to the SORuCK and we didn't have enough food. 

Now...I know this is total foolishness since this never happens. But it freaked me out all the same. 

So...here are my promises regarding the SORUCK:
1. I personally guarantee you will have fun. I've never seem someone have a bad time. These are friends we dearly love.  
2. I love feeding everyone three meals Saturday. It's just so wonderful to eat with your friends and have the fellowship.
3. I will do my best to do number 2 above. 

So I am making a personal plea...please volunteer to bring some food items. I...your humble servant...pledge to cook the items that you bring and provide them to you...free of charge...lol. If you have a special dish...what better time to try to poison your close friends. 

Seriously...to each and every one of you...your friendship over the years is one of my most treasured memories and ongoing blessings. Join me in this weekend that is a celebration of that which binds us. 

Anyone who has worked with me in the kitchen can attest to how marvelous it is. So please plan on joining us. 


Ps. This year I think I'm bringing a BF. So we REALLY need to show off to a stranger. Lol
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