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Just got this from The Inn near the Long Trail:

The recipe is for the batch we make for the restaurant so you will have to cut 
it down for home use.

10# stew beef cubed
1 gallon Guinness stout
1 gallon water
2 tbs Maggi seasoning
1/4 cup gravy browning or Kitchen Bouquet
1/3 cup concentrated beef base 
5# red potatoes cut (with skin on)
4# carrots cut
3 large onions cut
2 bunch celery cut
1.25 # frozen corn
1.25 # frozen peas
roux (we make our own, add 4 cups white flour to 1 cup melted butter, stir 
regularly over medium heat until mixture has a nutty smell)

1. Brown beef in large pot.
2. add Guinness, water, maggi, gravy brown and beef base, cover and cook over 
medium heat for 2 hours.
3. add potatoes, carrots, onion & celery, cover and cook 1 hour.
4. add frozen corn & peas, cook 1/2 hour
5. remove from heat, strain fluid from solids, set solids aside.
6. put fluid over heat  and whisk in roux a bit at a time until gravy is desired 
thickness, re-add to solids.
7. enjoy

Patty McGrath
Inn at Long Trail

--  Felix J. McGillicuddy ME-->GA '98 "Your Move" ALT '03 KT '03 

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