[at-l] Gathering plan

Tenacious Tanasi tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 5 12:22:49 CDT 2010

We were going to head up Friday morning, but now Michael has police training 
that Friday night from 5-9 .... so we're waiting to see what the Captain tells 
him about missing.  If he says no problem, then we're going to head on up on 
Friday morning bringing a friend with us.  If there is a problem with him 
missing Friday night, then we may wait and come on up Saturday morning.

I'm so excited about seeing everyone!  I really enjoyed my first Gathering a 
couple of years ago and can't wait for this one!

Just saw the notices about having to park off campus this year.  Anyone know 
of nearby parking?  I only vaguely remember the town layout.  Any help would be 
 Tenacious Tanasi 

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