[at-l] Gathering plan

RockDancer rockdancer97 at comcast.net
Wed Oct 6 07:23:32 CDT 2010

According to aldha.org we are competing with homecoming weekend and the football game on Saturday afternoon.

I remember a student parking lot opposite the main Concord College sign, that might be considered off-campus. But I expect we will be using the street parking all the way into town at least during the tailgate, game, and after period. 

The main drag coming from downtown is Vermillion St. The CVS is at that intersection (with rt. 20), it's about 1/2 mile away. There are a couple of neighborhood side streets also.

For the adventurous it looks like E. Broadway St. should give access to the backside of campus. It would be a shorter walk if parking is allowed there. Use maps.google.com (Satellite View) and you can easily see all the different college campus parking lots & assume they are off limits. You can also see the football field and even read the markings on the field. Thanks Google!

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Rockdancer97 at comcast.net
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>>Hmmm... I missed that one. What off campus parking?

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