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According to the ALDHA site you are not confused Art. It is NEXT weekend,
not this one.

Jim Bullard

On Wed, Oct 6, 2010 at 11:10 AM, Art Cloutman <Art at crystalacresnh.com>wrote:

> I thought the Gathering had been changed to 15th through 17th to
> avoid the Home Coming Weekend schedule for Columbus Day Weekend
> (10/8 - 10/11).  Am I confused?  Old age?  Just wondering!
> >According to aldha.org we are competing with homecoming weekend and
> >the football game on Saturday afternoon.
> >
> >I remember a student parking lot opposite the main Concord College
> >sign, that might be considered off-campus. But I expect we will be
> >using the street parking all the way into town at least during the
> >tailgate, game, and after period.
> >
> >The main drag coming from downtown is Vermillion St. The CVS is at
> >that intersection (with rt. 20), it's about 1/2 mile away. There are
> >a couple of neighborhood side streets also.
> >
> >For the adventurous it looks like E. Broadway St. should give access
> >to the backside of campus. It would be a shorter walk if parking is
> >allowed there. Use maps.google.com (Satellite View) and you can
> >easily see all the different college campus parking lots & assume
> >they are off limits. You can also see the football field and even
> >read the markings on the field. Thanks Google!
> >
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> >
> >>>Hmmm... I missed that one. What off campus parking?
> >Anyone?
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