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I am cross-posting my reply from FT-L to here FYI:

Ticks are susceptible to any Permethrin containing pesticide. Permethrin
is sprayed on clothing and other materials. It is non-staining, has no
odor, and is resistant to heat, light and moisture. Unlike DEET and
Lemon Eucalyptus, it is an insecticide, NOT a repellent.  All they have
to do is crawl across it, so simply spraying down the carpets and
upholstery with a suitable spray should do the trick.

I remember working for the man who was testing that stuff at UF 30 some
odd years ago....

On Wed, 2010-10-06 at 22:35 -0400, Linda Patton wrote:

> Anyone have advice for killing ticks that may 
> have gotten into a car, off of gear or clothing?
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