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I will be out of the office & in the woods on the AT in PA until I finish this section.
It looks like I will finish on Thusday, but I may be caught in a time warp at the Doyle.
I will then drive down to the Gathering.
For those of you who want an extra thrill Oct 16 & 17 are the days they close the New River Bridge so all of the base jumpers can do their thing. How cool is that?
hiker miker

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I always thought Indian Pipe bent over at the top 
like this:  http://www.rivernen.ca/plant_32.htm

But here's another photo of it that looks more like David's: 

So I guess it IS Indian Pipe.

~~ eArThworm  

> ### With regard to the inserted question, I believe it may be 
> Indian Pipe, but I can't check it right now.
> Uncertaintoe

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