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Can't wait to see the TR w pics!
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  Was going to hike the Foothills Trail starting last night. Sewing machine broke, couldn't finish repairs on my 30 bag and then lost said 30 bag.

  Today, I gave up looking for it. Taking the WM 10 bag and changing hikes. I'll be starting at the property line of Oconee State Park about nine tonight. Coincidentally, that is also where the Bartram Trail starts. At Licklog Creek, the FHT goes right, me and the BT go left. I'll re-supply in a week, at Franklin.

  I'm going anti-lightweight this time. 35 lbs at the trailhead.. But that includes 7 days of food for me and The Dog and the traditional 16 oz of water. I am stoked.

  Pics and stuff from the trail, if possible.


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