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I wish I had the time to do that with you...but I seem to recall Sly saying it was something he'd be interested in, once upon a time. Maybe he'll chime in, too. I did do the section from Dawson City in the Yukon Territory to Eagle, AK a couple of years ago, though... 

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After having through-hiked the AT and section hiked the PCT I am looking for something different. For the summer of 2011 I am planning a trip all the way down the Yukon River, about the same length as the AT or PCT. I am aware that this is not as popular as Long-distance hiking and as a result information is more scarce. Being far away in Switzerland does not make planning any easier. 
I would very much appreciate if I could get some links to information or even a forum. If somebody wants to join, let me know and I can give additional details. 
Thanks Adrian alias Matterhorn 
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