[at-l] Man! We need a hike!!!

Tenacious Tanasi tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 25 09:31:28 CDT 2010

Let me try that again!  My silleh laptop is a bit trigger happy this morning. 

All weekend long we've been picking up those last minute items; 
cleaning/reorganizing the house; decorating; and setting up canopies for our 
Halloween party that is going to be this weekend.  Last night we fell into bed 
totally exhausted well after 10 pm.

Then the storms rolled through last night/this morning.   The canopies had been 
ripped up and thrown around like straw.  Michael had already left for work, and 
I was here by myself.  I grabbed my rain gear and headed out to try to tie it 
down.  Just as I got over to it in the whipping rain, it started lighting like 
crazy!  I took off for the house.  What a light show!  

I was talking to Michael when all of that occurred.  Of course he turned right 
around and headed back to the house.  There were several reports of downed 
trees, and then he ran into a couple of wrecks.  While I was waiting on him all 
I could do was sit on the front porch and watch helplessly as the wind would 
pick it up, toss it about, and then throw it back down.  Just before Michael got 
home it slacked off a bit.  We were able to dismantle the mess, pull pieces from 
the trees, and pick everything up out of the neighbor's yard.

At first we were both grumpy as we'd killed ourselves all day yesterday getting 
those blasted things up.  GAH!  All of that work for naught!  At least by the 
end of it we were able to joke with one another about it.  And, I just had to 
giggle though when Michael had first gotten home he came into the living 
room where I sat dejectedly, leaned over me, planted a kiss on my forehead, and 
said, "It's OK, Ma'am.  The National Guard is here.  Everything is going to be 
alright."  LOL!!!

We both agreed that after working so hard to put this party together we deserve 
a break!  Man!  We need a hike!!!

We're definitely going to go somewhere for the Thanksgiving holiday.  My 
daughters don't come up to see me any more... haven't seen them since August... 
haven't spoken to them in weeks.  They don't text or call me any more.  Their 
Momma has become an inconvenience next to Jerrica having a boyfriend and Tori 
just going along with the crowd.  So, we know they won't be coming up.  And, 
Michael's family really hasn't said anything about getting together.  After 
doing all this for Halloween, I don't know that I want to cook for a big crowd. 
 And, we really don't want to sit around the house for the holiday season.

So, if you had only 4 days, where would you go that might be within a few hours 
of Sevierville, TN?  Yes, I know that we live in the heart of the Smokies...but 
we want to get away from here... escape for a few days.  Tenacious Tanasi

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