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The book "Hiking Through" was written by a thru-hiker who grew up in the
"plain people" community. His family started out in a very strict group and
changed their affiliation to more progressive groups as he got older. The
book is as interesting in terms of his accounts of growing up in that world
as it is about his thru-hike.

Jim Bullard

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>  There are complicated classifications within the Mennonite faith worldwide
> including here in the USA.
> When I lived in York County, PA I got to know a few of the distinctions.
> Add to those "denominations"  (if you will) the other Christian Anabaptist
> "denominations" and you can jump to mistaken assumptions far too easy.
> After a little research polite conversation with groups of the "plain
> people'
> can be an eye-opener.
> Chainsaw
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