[at-l] Man! We need a hike!!!

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Well, some people were concerned when the camp director's child was born
with a goatee, which should have been genetically impossible, since the
camp director himself has never had a goatee. But that whole "scandal"
has blown over, thank goodness. And the child has since grown a
mountain-man beard in order to look more like her father. It's really
helped prevent all those suspicious and accusing glances that made her
momma cry so much in the early months.


Nina Rogers


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On 10/28/2010 11:54 AM, Nina Rogers wrote: 

I vote for northbound as well. I'd rather hike the long incline into
Camp Daniel Boone on the last day, than climb it on the first day.

Isn't Camp Daniel Boone closing down because of some scandal in upper


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