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Saturday 5 PM to Tuesday 1 PM. No rain at all. Darkness by about 7:30, an early warning sign for these hikers to get to Maine, or where ever. Had to make one run to N. Conway for a pharmacy, a couple of older hikers wanting ankle wraps and such.

The number of hikers was surprising, esp. for this late in the season. Usually I've seen the large numbers go through in the middle of August, not this late. Hikers reported that the string of wet, cold days had everyone pooling up. Beaver Brook Shelter had 14 hikers one night, it's built for 8. Since over 200 hikers have now finished at Katahdin (I think this includes Flippers) it's hard to believe there are many more coming into the Whites this late in the season.

It was a treat to meet & talk with Sgt Major, a retired Marine. He knew Patch '98, a marine who was SoBo with Felix, at least through VT. I filled him in with as much as I could remember about Patch and that trip.

I've been on the lookout for Cody and she was resting at Crawford Notch when I arrived! She, her brother and Stickwalker all took a Zero on Sunday and rode the Cog Train to the summit of Washington. They were all in great spirits on Monday morning, Cody & Stickwalker hiking north and Floyder Dog driving to Boston to catch a plane.

Cody aka Codygirl and her brother Floyder Dog
Stickwalker & Belle (dog)
Taat & Uncle Don (16 year-old, accompanied by a family friend. Uncle Don is finishing his Triple Crown)
Little Foot

Dr. Rock
Tama (from Japan, on a section. Hiked NoBo '99)

Monday, a new record for number of hikers...
Rags & Rafiki
One Life
Red Oak & Buttercup
Unicroc & Scat Tracker
Hat Trick
Andy & Carly (SoBo)
Darin Duo (SoBo)
Tread More
Red Lobster
London Joe
Restless Legs & Ewok (Flip)
Wood Wrangler
Sgt Major (Knew Patch from '98)

Tuesday, in Franconia Notch, I found Forest & T-Rex hitching for a ride to N. Woodstock. One of them is Casey Fulp who is doing a charity hike. See www.hikefor theveterans.com and www.missioncontinues.org

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