[at-l] Hiking Plans for September?

Tenacious Tanasi tenacious_tanasi at yahoo.com
Thu Sep 2 11:40:13 CDT 2010

How exciting that wee Scout has started her hiking odyssey!  I'm so happy for 
the 3 of you.  What a wonderful little family!  :)

What special preparations has the family undergone to get ready for Miss Anne 
tagging along?  

Who gets to carry her and who gets all of the gear?  
Other than the tent and carrier... what other gear have you gotten for her 
addtion to the trips?
What will you do about diapers?  Cloth/washing as you go?  Disposable/packing 
Food should be a snap as most baby food now comes in air tight sealed 
containers... just adds weight.. unless you dehydrated it... hmmmm....
What will you do about bugs?  Catnip oil as Lady Shoe uses?  Electronic gadget?

I'm soooo excited for ya'll!  Can you tell???  :))

 Tenacious Tanasi 

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