[at-l] Baby questions (was Hiking Plans for September?)

Nina Rogers Nina.Rogers at DrakeSoftware.com
Thu Sep 2 11:58:45 CDT 2010

What special preparations has the family undergone to get ready for Miss
Anne tagging along?  NR: Almost none, other than finding a tent and
testing out our hand-me-down Kelty Kids carrier. We've taken her on a
few short hikes to make sure she doesn't totally hate hiking. She
appears to love waterfalls (and Waterfall, for that matter).


Who gets to carry her and who gets all of the gear?  NR: I think I'm
going to carry her and have Sheltowee carry the gear. But we may switch
off-we still need to figure out how that's going to work.


Other than the tent and carrier... what other gear have you gotten for
her addtion to the trips? NR: None that I can think of.


What will you do about diapers?  Cloth/washing as you go?
Disposable/packing out? NR: Disposable and packing out. These will be
short one-night trips. Don't want to spend half the time washing out


Food should be a snap as most baby food now comes in air tight sealed
containers. NR: Ummm, since she's still mostly breastfeeding, I'd say
yes, her food will be stored in airtight sealed containers. :-D  She'll
be more into the "solid food" thing by next spring; by then, she'll be
eating food that can be dehydrated with the rest of our food.


What will you do about bugs?  NR: We found a baby-friendly bug repellent
lotion made locally by a friend of a friend. A zapper isn't a bad idea,
though, as long as Anne doesn't try to grab or taste it.


I imagine we'll have a better idea of what we need (and don't need) and
how we're going to do things after a couple of trail/trial runs. 


Nina Rogers (Waterfall)


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