[at-l] Hiking Plans for September?

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Since you ask, I'm leaving tomorrow for some hiking in New England... 

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The weather is really getting nice here. We've been getting out in the evenings and walking, and taking dips in the hot tub early of the morning. Our bikes have come back out and stay on the back of the truck as well as packs in the back seat for spur of the moment decisions to get out and about. 

It's getting closer to that time... time to get back out on the trails. I'm so very happy that it isn't quite so danged HOT any more. And, with Earl moving into the neighborhood for a few days maybe he'll leave some cooler weather behind. (Just trying to think of a positive for what's getting ready to hit North Carolina.) 

This weekend we're headed up to camp on some private property of some friends of ours that live along the French Broad. We're gonna hit a few trails up in that neighborhood and ride our bikes. I'm really excited about going... drama with the children just lingers and I'll gladly welcome a stay in the outdoors to recharge, rejuvenate, and heal for a little while. 

We've been buying up some gear and are getting better prepared to hike as a couple. Michael now has a new REI Flash 65 pack. I still carry my Equinox Katahdin pack. With us hiking together I really don't need a big pack...though the Katahdin is so light weight that I can just scrunch it down and it still weighs less than most other packs. :) 

We opted for a Marmot Limelight 3 as our shelter which we'll divide to carry. It's long enough for his tall frame, is free standing, and ease of setup is a snap...and we got a sweet deal on it. 

Michael also now has better clothing which no longer involves anything cotton nor military. :)) He has a couple of Hardwear shirts and convertible pants now. He lost his floppy hat in the river at the end of July so we still have to replace that. lol He has Teva's which he's totally fallen in love with. He also has a new set of Merrell's that on a short hike were like walking on air he reported (was so glad to see him come out of his combat boots for hiking! lol). 

I'm looking at replacing my current kitchen set with the Caldera Cone set that TinMan has. I think that with converting to freezer bag cooking is going to make meal times quicker and cleaner. I've been giving him lessons on being creative with food from gas stations and grocery stores as well as what is good out on the trail. 

He wants a water treatment system...which I have never used. So, we've been looking at all of the options. I don't think he'll have the patience to filter or wait for water to be chemically treated... so this should prove interesting on what the final decision will be. 

So, what are your hiking plans for September? And, what are you doing to get ready? :) 
Tenacious Tanasi 

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