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I have not hiked in the mountains since I was diagnosed with diabetes.  That being said, I have been hiking/camping 4 times on Cumberland Island.  My biggest problem has been keeping my sugar high enough without eating sugar.  I used an epipen type product from Novo Nordisk.  It is called Levemir FlexPen.  It last 28 days without refrigeration.  I am going to hike in the mtns. in October, and will still carry it with me but I haven't used it since Feb. when I hiked 15 miles and ate M&M's all day to keep my sugar up.  There is a guy named Bfitz on Whiteblaze that has been hiking with diabetes for a long time.  I bothered him a lot with questions.  Real nice guy and far more knowledgeable then my Dr. about hiking with diabetes.  Hit him up, he really helped take away the fear.


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I'm busy planning a 2011 thru hike attempt.  I'm an insulin dependent diabetic and take three shots a day.  That means three syringes  and individualized packaging X 5-6 days that I will need to pack in and pack out.  Plus a weekly PO visit to pick replacements.  Several folks have told me my medication needs will reduce but I will probably need to start at my current level and it is very unlikely that I could ever come off the meds completely.


I'm wondering if anyone knows of a particular brand of syringes that will minimize the packaging leftovers?  I'm currently using Monoject. 


						    thanks Cold Kettle  
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