[at-l] My shoulder surgery is scheduled...

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My mama had it done when she was 76.  She is 80 now.  She says if she had of had any idea she could feel that good she would of had it done years before.


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Hot Dog!  That's the kind of thing I like to hear.  :-)  Maybe there's 
hope.  But how young/old WERE you at the time?  Age may 
have SOME perks, but fast healing's usually not one of them.  :-(  

~~ eArThworm

Hotdog wrote:
> LOL. That's what I had done 4-5 months before my Thru hike. So full 
> recovery IS possible, if you do your therapy and don't over do it 
> I'm at 120% now, was at 100% on the trail. I had a torn rotator 
> cuff, spurs and an impinged joint ( they cleaned it out). And mine 
> was NOT arthroscopic. Good luck!

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