[at-l] My shoulder surgery is scheduled...

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Just so I can avoid a similar fate, was it throwing the curve ball or the fast ball that was the culprit?  I'm assuming it wasn't a spitter.

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Some of you have asked me to let you know the date.  Others 
will be hearing about this for the first time.  Surgery (out patient, 
arthroscopic) to repair a torn rotator cuff muscle and 'clean up' 
some spurs and other problems in my right shoulder is now 
scheduled for Tuesday morning Sept. 28.   I believe I'll be in a 
padded brace for at least four weeks after that.  Therapy to 
re-strengthen the shoulder/arm starts after healing--I think at 
least 8 weeks.  Probably won't regain strong usage until the 
middle of next year.  :-((   Anyone with any experience with 
this feel free to chime in.  

~~ eArThworm

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