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Recently, I sent an email to Wild Wind Records which is Walkin Jim's company that distributes his CD. The email was sent to the "contact us" and I received a reply from the office manage. All of this regarded an inquiry about Jim's CD, "The Long Trails." The exchange took place after I learned about the bad turn in Jim's illness. I was very pleased to receive an additional reply which was from Jim himself. 

I don't have to explain to this group why I held Jim in high regard. It has always been easy for me to assume that his involvement with educating children implied that he was just a nice, easy-to-know sort of person, even though I had never met him or even seen him in concert. I am so glad I received this email from Jim because, brief as it is, it just confirmed in my mind what I was already sure of: Jim is one of the good folks. 

Anyway, after thinking on this for awhile and being encouraged to share the email, I've copied and pasted parts of the total exchange below. The first part is a message I hoped the office manage would share with Jim, the second is Jim's reply.   Hopeful 

Some years ago a friend gave me a cassette of The Long Trails; that was my introduction to Jim's work. I have played that cassette until the music has been worn off the tape! Well, maybe not; but I have played it until things don't work anymore. Jim's song, Friends Along The Way, has special meaning to me. I came home from Vietnam and carried a lot of resentment and skepticism for over 30 years. In 2003 I retired and was able to hike the AT. That experience and the people who were such a large part of it, did much to restore things that had been lost. 
I'm sure you could care less about all this, but I only add these comments in hopes that they might be relayed to Jim during this time of illness. Maybe hearing this will be an encouragement to him. It's funny how folks you never met can be a part of healing. Please let Jim know he is in our prayers.  Hopeful  (Lamar Powell) 

Hello Lamar – 
Walkin’ Jim, here.  I’m having one of my good days so stopped in to check email.  Thanks for your story. I’m glad the music has found a home with you. It warms my heart.  And thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.  It really does make a difference. 
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