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Frank Looper nightwalker.at at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 19:45:54 CDT 2010


It's cool enough to give this hiking thing another go. It's still pretty
hot, but not that "thruhikers only" kind of hot, you know?

I'm going around 80 miles or so. Got food cached in 2 places. The pack is
somewhere between 18-21 pounds--according to which scale you believe. That's
with everything, including the first two days food for me and The Dog and a
pint of water that I don't really need. I'm still not exactly ultralight. I
don't even know where the line is. All I know is that the lighter I carry,
the more I enjoy the walk.

Hasta la pasta.

P.S. I told my wife that the real world was driving me crazy. She said
"Dear, that's not exactly a drive."
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