[at-l] Change we can live with

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Fri Sep 17 15:12:57 CDT 2010


That, or $154...

Send the donation in honor of Thee Clide, since one year he left a leg up on
the mountain up thatta way, the other year a kidney by some loony pond.

>Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2010 17:28:24 -0400
From: Felix J <AThiker at smithville.net>
>Subject: [at-l] Change we can live with

 >>All right....here's the deal. I took a bunch of change
to the bank today and got real money for it. I'll donate
>$50 to the MATC in the name of the person who guesses the
closest to the exact amount I got back (whole dollars).
One guess per person...deadline Saturday. (and, if the
>'winner' would rather have the donation made in someone
else's name, that's fine, too)

"The Ordinary Adventurer"
A new backpacking adventure book
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